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About The Author - Jeff Hamilton

About The Author - Jeff Hamilton

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Jeff's heart is for healthy dads and he has created content to empower the next generation and their fathers. He brought years of wisdom, relatable stories and theological knowledge. Jeff was accommodating, easy to converse with, and brought humor to our conversation. He would be a great guest for any platform with the goal encouraging healthy families. 

PAIGE CLINGENPEEL | Embracing Your Season (HomeWord)

I highly recommend Jeff Hamilton as a podcast guest.
I interviewed him for my podcast and he was engaging, informative, humorous and friendly. Jeff knows his subject matter and he knows how to share it in a way that you
and your guests will appreciate.

KARL VATERS | Can This Work In A Small Church?

I interviewed Jeff for my podcast and I think he is doing some solid work through Dad Academy. We had a really good conversation. He was easy to dialog with and a really engaging guest. If you are looking for guests for your podcast, I highly recommend him.

ERIC RUTHERFORD | Entrusting The Faith

Having Jeff on my show was a gift! I loved the insight and honesty he brought to our episode in sharing the principles of Dad Academy in a way that was clear and concise, also bringing the element of fun to a topic that is long overdue and much needed in today’s society. Jeff’s understanding on this topic is one needing to be heard by dads all around the world.”

CYNDI GALLEY | A New Thing Live

Image by Adrien Olichon



  • There's not much training on being a successful father.

  • Men are most successful when they know what is expected and have a plan on how to accomplish the mission.

  • A father's mission is to pass on their values and skill to their children to prepare them for life.


  • Courage is how trust
    responds to risk. 


  • Kids need two types
    of intelligence for life: experiential and emotional.


  • Confidence is created through daily rituals and traditions.


  • How can a father help his children navigate the changes that each growth stage requires?

  • How can a Dad help their children know their value and worth?

  • How does a father nurture their child's well-being and sense of significance?

Jeff is a proud Dad to two adult kids. He has worked with families and students for over 30 years and is an expert in adolescent development and men's issues. He is also a seasoned communicator with over 1000 hours of public speaking. Jeff will bring his experience and insight to any number of topics that will engage your audience. 

Jeff is also available as a seminar presenter, retreat speaker, or organizational consultant. 

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